Deerfield Beach Where It Is Who You Know At City Hall-How Much Money Has The City of Deerfield Beach Waived To Shopping Center Owners Beach, Fl-With Deerfield Beach’s continued  “Nepotism Policy” when it comes to collecting fines from delinquent property owners it seems it is who you know that counts. Seems the city of Deerfield Beach will waive or significantly reduce fines from favored property owners. We had reported years ago when we just started about the shenanigans that seemed to occur between Cenville the original owners of Century Plaza on Military and Hillsboro and Brixmor the new owners and CVS in order to get the permits to build the free-standing CVS. The city had every chance to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars due them and they waived the fees to a significantly lower number for Brixmor? Why did the city who had the leverage to finally collect a past due debt of hundreds of thousands of dollars do that?

Ask mayor Ganz he knows why!

Who you know in this town matters. Whether it is getting promoted after just a short time as a city employee and with a big pay raise or it is for shopping center owners reducing your fines due to the city if you know someone “Fuhgettaboutit”. This city when it has a viable source of revenue to collect past due fines from real estate giants, who are profiting gives up the money without any good reason. These companies like CVS. Brixmor and yesThe Barbarians I mean Batmasians-Investment Unlimited should not be getting any breaks and fine reductions not after violating our codes for dozens of years, hell no!

P.S.- Mayor we have not forgotten the curb cuts and walkway/ramp access that still need to be done to fix the ADA violations that exist in Century Plaza…….Commissioner Parness enough time has passed that this needs to be fixed before anyone else gets hurt. Remember Commissioner you made a promise in the Observer you are on the record.

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