With The Amount Of Money Deerfield Beach Spends On Its Website And Social Media Presence Why Is Deerfield-Beach.com Not Monetized

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl- With a website that has the volume of traffic Deerfield-Beach.com or DFB.city two URL’s that Deerfield Beach owns and operates.

Time to convert an asset into the cash it can generate in the flick of a button and a lot of clicks from the mouse. I know ads are annoying, but that said Google, Facebook, Twitter just like ABC,NBC and CBS and CNN and FOX and newspapers and magazines all have ads.

The genius of Google was not only downloading the internet and making search better but figuring out a way to sell ads on their site and allow other website owners small and large to monetize theirs with Google selling the ads. Thus the Google Adsense program, of course, the city could sell its own online ads as well.

Our city certainly monetizes other things like the pier, the restaurant festivals, they sell swag promoting the city and its website why not monetize?

We have to question if you look at the hundreds of thousands of dollars we invest in our website annually, why is it not monetized? Having looked at options like Google’s AdSense  we could not find any exclusions for government websites. That means Deerfield-Beach.com with the flick of a button and the adding of some HTML code could be serving up millions of Deerfield Beach related Ads and earning hundreds of thousands per year directly from Google. The city which made a great deal in securing the parking revenue for The Cove Shopping Center from the hotel developer, not.

Just wondering why with all of the people on the payroll working on our website/Social Media and the rest of the folks including the mayor at city hall who loves to publish posts on crime and news and alerts and be so tech-savvy, why are we not monetizing our website?

There seem to be no laws or no “Terms Of Service” prohibitions from Google stopping  the city of Deerfield Beach monetizing www.Deerfield-beach.com folks that buy and sell domains would also advise the city to buy www.Deerfieldbeach.com

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