Beach,Fl-In an incident on May 3, 2020 BSO was dispatched to Deerfield Beach for a call involving Boca Raton police. We noticed the video posted here on Facebook and thought we would request the police reports. Both BSO and Boca Raton police say there is no report of the incident. Boca Raton police PIO Mark Economou has emailed me that in fact, he did contact an officer he noticed in the video, and here is his email. BSO continues to claim there is no report even though we also sent them the video in our second record request submission.

“Got some answers for you.  Our beach patrol unit was heading south patrolling the beach, when they finished patrols they were looking for an outlet to head out to A1A on the gator (4wd) to head back, they continued south into the “cones” that were set up as her property line, she came out yelling at them so they stopped to talk to her. We were the actual ones who called BSO because our officers weren’t sure what was going on, after BSO came out everyone left, no incident. No report.”

 Fair Use-Here is the video- WARNING-Contains explicit language

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