Beach, Fl-My routine stop at 7-11 this morning put me in the middle of 2 angry Uber passengers and the Uber driver. As I entered the 7-11 on Powerline Road and Hillsboro Boulevard I saw the parties arguing. By the time I came out a minute later the voices of the would-be passengers turned to screams at the driver. Not sure exactly what had happened I told the driver to call 9-11 as the male seemed angry and aggressive. The Uber driver said the passengers ordered pool pricing but only had put down 1 passenger, he arrived and obviously there were two passengers. Apparently the boyfriend and girlfriend had been verbally attacking the Uber driver questioning his origin and saying somethings that need not be repeated here because he refused them a ride. While I was there and BSO had not arrived yet the angry would-be passengers were both yelling and threatening the Uber driver stating they needed their money back.

BSO arrived in minutes a total of four deputies were dispatched. after separating the parties and listening to all as well as a quick statement from me as to what I saw.

The deputies were able to get a refund to the would-be passengers, neither party pressed charges. The would-be male passenger claimed the Uber driver had punched him. Seemed to me the two deputies conducting the investigation did not believe that but explained his rights about pressing charges. They also informed the angry passenger, the Uber driver could press charges for the spitting. The Uber driver told BSO that was false he never touched anyone and that the angry male had spit on the driver twice. I witnessed the male passenger spitting at the driver’s leg while I was standing at the 7-11. The deputies were able to convince the parties the best solution was to leave and go on their way and the icing on the cake, a deputy took the angry couple to their home across the street behind the KFC. Good job deputies, in resolving a situation before it got out of control.


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