Beach, Fl-By Glenn Sullivan

The Commission voted last night on a contract with the new City Manager – David Santucci. Here is a comparison of the new manager’s compensation vs the previous manager – Burgess Hanson.

Santucci got $200,000 vs Hanson’s salary of $180,000 – Experience 10yrs for Hanson, 6 months as interim for Santucci. We are paying more for someone learning on the job

Santucci got 15% of salary for retirement ($30,000/yr), Hanson got same 15% at a lower salary.

Santucci gets CPI or 3% per year raise while Hanson was forced to resign for taking yearly CPI raise.

Santucci gets a vehicle allowance of $7,200 per year while also allowed to live outside city. City Charter mandates manager live in City unless waived by Commission.

Santucci got 4 week vacation up front along with regular leave accrual.

This from a Commission who pay little in taxes. I understand Bernie Parness, who paid $509 in ad valorem last year wanted to give Santucci $220,000. Anyone in Century Village who votes for Parness is a fool with their hard-earned money. In fact Parness was so obnoxious during the selection of the new City Manager, he refused to vote for any other candidate when they were down selecting the candidates and was told to pick 5 of the top 10. He only voted for Santucci who was interim manager at the time. This action was viewed on the City website by the highest qualified candidate who declined the final interview step as he saw the unfairness of the process.

No one on this Commission paid more than $3,600 in ad valorem last year and they think they have skin in the game. There are many newcomers to this city that are paying exorbitant property taxes and without your input and participation in the City, those taxes will continue to rise…


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