Beach, Fl-Just in reading what Mayor Ganz has told The Sun- Sentinel, Observer and The Pelican his story does not jive. The versions of the Burgess Hanson resignation story are distinctly different as told by Mayor Ganz. Now we know he has a history of Bullshitting, but that said Deerfield Beach has had former elected officials locked up for a lot less than this criminal cover-up of unauthorized stolen taxpayer money Hanson got, and Ganz knew about.

Sources have told more stuff coming regarding Hanson and Ganz the resignation the wrongful taking of taxpayers money and covering it up..

We have a city government that is in CHAOS.  Not only are the citizens being shortchanged but, our Deerfield Beach employees deserve a leader they can count on too.


That said the only elected official Deerfield Beach has at large has failed his constituents. Again, the second the Mayor knew about the money received by former city manager Burgess Hanson, he needed to report that to BSO,FDLE or other law enforcement. Mayor Ganz went way beyond his pay grade giving Hanson the option to “Pay It Back”.

Ganz is our only elected official that is /was voted into office by a majority all of the voting citizens as opposed to our commissioners who are elected by district only.