Mayor Ganz With Blood On His Hands- ADA Violations Causing Elderly To Slip And Fall At Century Plaza Deerfield Beach, Fl-The city of Deerfield Beach and Brixmor (NASDAQ) are both equally responsible for “The Taking Away of Ramp Access” to Century Plaza. In the last three days, after has done several posts on the dangers presented by the curbing of Century Plaza two elderly citizens have fallen and injured themselves.

Saturday BSO Fire Rescue had to be called out to Century Plaza as another Senior fell and required hospitalization. For sure until those ramps are replaced these two incidents will be two of, too many. You see the nice white concrete in the picture on the right, that was a ramp that allowed the handicapped and elderly to have access to the lab and their doctors in this plaza.


The ADA according to Google-

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability.
Titles amended42 U.S.C.: Public Health and Social Welfare
U.S.C. sections created42 U.S.C. ch. 126 § 12101 et seq
Enacted bythe 101st United States Congress
EffectiveJuly 26, 1990
Statutes at Large104 Stat. 327

Somewhere along the line from the time, we had a site plan sent to us by the city and the final plan curbing was added and ramps eliminated, very interesting. I know we have a few trial lawyers who read this blog hopefully you will get these two cases. The issue is ADA does not permit removal of already established ramps without replacements that would exceed the number of those eliminated during construction.

From our 9-20-2017 story- Beach, Fl-On the corner of Military and Hillsboro the much awaited CVS is under construction, even with some damage from Irma to its cinder blocks and rebar.Merchants and doctors that have been waiting patiently for construction of the CVS to be completed.

Parking for this shopping center has been difficult since the construction began to say the least. When the merchants and doctors arrived to a new surprise, curbing installed around the perimeter of the Century Plaza parking lot. Question is if this was caused by an ADA lawsuit, the logic defies reality as now it will be more difficult for anyone to gain access to the storefronts or doctors offices.Take a look at the photos above it is self-explanatory, also on the site plans, we had this was not there.We have made a  public records request from Deerfield Beach to see when and or why this configuration is different than site plan we had.


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