Deerfield Beach Denies Sexual Harassment Settlements and Issue Amongst Employees At Least Officially Beach,Fl-In our request for public records are some including if the city had settled any cases for sexual harassment if so how much were they.All requests indicate they the city has not been sued or they have not settled,not sure if it is both.The city has referred us procedurally to the website for information as to how employees file sexual complaints.The city like in many of the answers is sort of generic in it’s reply. does know this there is a problem of sexual harassment the city knows there is too. We have met with a city employee off the record ,this employee has no reason to lie to me.We know there are others for sure, in several departments and Deerfield Beach is rife with sexual harassment in the workplace.We encourage those who can to Please come forward if not to us we can arrange  with others in the media and they will keep your story off the record until and unless you change that.

For those that wish to file formal complaints Please do so!!! The information can be found at human resources section io

Here is the official response  from our Public records request,as expected-

Human Resources - No record exists.

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