Beach,Fl-What kind of town are we living in,Delray spends $790,000 on their new Christmas tree..Deerfield Beach where we just spent 150K for a sign on US1 and Hillsboro are we going to standby idly? We will not let Boca out do us either.

I hope not ,I have made a public records request as to what we are putting back in place of the fountain and deer on US 1 and Hillsboro by the fire station.As of this post we still have not got that answer,but we are hoping for a $1.000,000 Christmas tree with a $1,000,000 Menorah and for sure $1,000,000 Festivus pole for Chaz Stevens and Co.

Deerfield Beach you have 10 Million in cash another 39 Million coming in on the bond.What the hell if we buy from Delray’s supplier where the product lasts for 40 years and we amortize it is next to nothing per year at the end of the day.All in favor say Ay!


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