CVS Construction Causes Citizens And Merchants To Contact City Hall And Question Safety Of Handicap Parking Problem In Century Plaza Beach,Fl-Since the demolition of the eastern wing of Century Plaza at Military and Hillsboro, a problem of handicap parking safety and access has begun.The reconfiguration of the parking lot to accomodate CVS is causing problems for elderly and handicapped people to enter stores or Doctors from the parking lot.During construction what were once street level paved pathways have now been curbed.This has made one of the cities busiest shopping plazas  a nightmare for the elderly and the handicapped.

As someone who personally knows this plaza from the day it was built and who has been a regular for the better part of 42 years “Houston We Have A Problem”.Anyone who knows this plaza and saw the curbing knew this was going to be problematic.Where is our engineering department where is our planning and zoning department, What the hell are they thinking.I am not sure how this complies with ADA?

Before someone slips and falls or worse Deerfield Beach needs to intervene and force CVS or Brixmoor (NYSE),who seem to blame CVS and insist they are in control of this project.
Mayor Ganz, Commissioner Parness get someone out there to go take a look at what you approved .Please before someone,one of your constituents get hurt as a result of this dangerous parking issue caused by the curbing .

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