Beach,Fl- As Attorney General Pam Bondi is investigating whether debris clean-up companies/haulers are taking advantage of their contracts and gouging cities including Deerfield Beach.Deerfield has been contacted by employees of the City of Deerfield Beach questioning if they are being cheated in their pay checks.Seems the city had been paying employees a special overtime for clean-up of storm debris,then suddenly stopped paying them that rate. We have contacted the city of Deerfield Beach and asked for a clarifcation.As of this posting we have no official reply from anyone at the city of Deerfield Beach..

Pay for Employees
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Date: Thu, Oct 05, 2017 4:34 am
Good Morning,
I am Howard Levy with
I was sent your name from  Assistant City Clerk Heather Montemayor.
I have spoken with employees of your department.They have concerns that they are not being paid for the Fema work they say they are still doing.Apparently they had been receiving additional pay above regular O/T for doing debris removal,if I understand and now they are not.Can you please clarify why they were paid a higher rate and now they are not.
Thank You,
Howard Levy


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