BSO Beach Fl,-The following incidents have been reported to and by Broward Sheriffs Office.

Case-10502000602 -Green,Eliot Michael WM 63Victim of Burglary Business 1818 W Hillsboro Blvd Deerfield between 21 00 and 2245 on 2-4-2015

Unknown person smashed front glass of door.Stole multiple items including tobacco products and the cash register.Officer Maguire

Case-101500093-Fralick Patricia Karen, WF 67 Victim of Information at 93 NE 7th Ct Deerfield Beach,Fl between 2150 and 21.56 on 2-04-2015-

Victim had problem between two of her pets. Officer Ramos

Case-101502000777- Name witheld-Victim of found property at 950South Ocean Drive on 2-06-2015 -Camouflage backpack washed ashore on Deerfield Beach behind Embassy Suites hotel.BSO found clothes personal hygiene items,cell and phone books inside the backpack. Officer Chikerotis

Case-101502000812-Verizon Victim of Theft-Retail-3656W. Hillsboro Blvd Deerfield beach on  2-05-2015-Reported 2-06-2015

Verizon wireless store theft of 700 dollar I Pad,taken from counter possibly by 2 BF in their late  twenties wearing Air Jordan sneakers.Distracted manager by requesting help with a cell phone case while second suspect stole item,allegedly.Waiting for corporate to provide video.  Officer-Campos

Case-101502000883-Hans,Dana WF 47 Victim of Disorderly Intoxication at 1721 NW 2nd Street Deerfield beach,Fl Subject charged with disorderly Intoxication and presenting false ID to Law Enforcement. Reported 2-07-2015. Officer Favitta

Case-101502000986-Barbara Baca WF 24 Victim of credit card fraud at 1011 S Federal Hwy Deerfield Beach on 2-07-2015

WF Victim states 500 dollars stolen out of her bank account via ATM.Officer England