Beasley Arrested mug shot Beach Fl,-Former Zion Lutheran teacher Eric Beasley who plead guilty in December to luring or illegally enticing a minor for sexual purposes.Beasley took a plea bargain in the case as he was facing a possible 9 life sentences for his crime.Originally arrested April 10 by US Marshalls, in the Zion Lutheran parking lot while having sex with the minor in Deerfield Beach.

US District Court Judge  William Zloch sentenced Beasley yesterday, to twenty years in Federal Prison.Beasley will also have to register as a sex offender and faces lifetime probation when his jail sentence is completed.

Beasley also faces sentencing in Broward Circuit Court next week on State of Florida charges.

Beasley had texted the minor and said,“I require physical intimacy with you.  Kissing you feels as essential as breathing.” This text was released by the court.

His attorney had the following to say after the plea in December “This was not a predator situation. This is a situation where he was just absolutely enamored of this girl,” said Mike Gelety.