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Statement from the City of Deerfield Beach


The Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier suffered significant damage during Tropical Storm Nicole in November 2022. The City reopened the western portion of the pier in the weeks following the storm. Still, the famous “T” section remains closed due to substantial structural damage, as determined by engineers.


Since the incident, the City has engaged an engineering firm to conduct thorough inspections and assess the extent of the destruction above and below the pier, involving divers braving varying weather conditions. Engineers have diligently worked on drawing and designing the construction documents, which have recently been completed.


Moving forward, the City will re-enter the procurement process to secure a bid for the repair work, then head into the permitting process. We expect the repair work to commence in 4-6 months, given these procedures.


We understand and empathize with the frustration of our residents and visitors eager to see the pier fully restored. As the City’s most renowned landmark, we are committed to fully reopening for business. However, we are bound by government processes, which some may call red tape or bureaucracy, causing a slower pace. We also are obligated to ensure that the pier is structurally safe before resuming normal operations in the “T” area.


It’s essential to remember that the pier is over 30 years old and has endured multiple impacts over time, not to mention its challenging location in a harsh environment. Dedicated city workers are doing everything possible to expedite the project. Still, we acknowledge that it may be slower than desired, especially for those who miss the breathtaking views from the Deerfield Beach City Pier.


We sincerely appreciate the patience and understanding of our community. Better news is on the horizon, and we remain devoted to restoring this iconic structure as soon as possible. Thank you for your ongoing support.