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Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a dick. His shenanigans of sending immigrants by plane from Texas to other states is a dick move and demonstrates the angry white man syndrome to the tenth degree. DeSantis who is a disciple of Trump is not smart, but clever. Clever to the point where he is a nasty condescending authoritarian who plays political games for a gain of publicity.

From his “don’t say gay”, to “woke” which means nothing, and is a republican talking point to banning books in schools and firing duly elected officials DeSantis is a dick.

Hey, Governor how about fixing our polluted waters or fixing the homeowners insurance fiasco that face Florida homeowners instead of sticking your nose in where it does not belong?

One can only hope Cuba’s regime will unleash another Mariel boatlift and free Cubans that want to leave there and come here. Then let’s see how will you handle an immigrant problem, wiseass.

The Governors’s former college roommates said it best he is a dick.

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