Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Governor Ron DeSantis has removed five elected officials from their positions this year. A Florida state attorney and four Broward County school board members.

Florida Bulldog is questioning if Sheriff Tony is next and raises some valid questions. Florida Bulldog uncovered that Sheriff Tony shot and killed a person when he was 14 and did not disclose that on official documents. Tony was originally appointed to office after Governor DeSantis removed another duly elected official former Sheriff Scott Israel. DeSantis then appointed Sheriff Tony to replace Israel. When Florida Bulldog broke the story of Tony’s shooting someone at age 14, DeSantis said he hardly knew him.

The Florida Bulldog is reporting that after September 5 DeSantis could remove the Sheriff who is now duly elected. Florida law allows the Governor to avoid a special election if he waits until September 5, then he could appoint who he likes and avoid a special election denying the rights of Broward County voters to choose their Sheriff again.