Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-While most of the country, is new to Chaz Stevens and his antics the local Anti-Semite Anti-Religion agent provocateur has once again garnered the national spotlight. While we do not care for Stevens as a result of Anti-Semitic remarks made to us on this he has a very valid point. Books that have been banned by Florida in schools certainly should raise questions about the bible.

This week instead of wanting to read a satanic invocation or post satanic flags on government property, Stevens has seized on Governor DeSantis book banning. Stevens has requested that Florida schools ban the bible. Now, most will argue that students don’t read the bile in school. But the same could be said for CRT it is not taught in Florida schools yet it was banned.  Stevens of Deerfield Beach has been known to pull his antics at every governmental agency in Florida usually as we posted having to do with satanic rituals or satanic items being placed on government property near Christmas trees. Stevens has also requested to read satanic materials during local city commission meetings in lieu of a religious invocation.

Stevens has gotten nationwide attention from NPR, The Washington Post, Google News, Newsbreak, and many other national news outlets this week on the bible banning proposal.