Beach,Fl-With 99 days until election day, Democrats have nothing to gain debating Trump. Joe Biden should insist as a precondition to any debate Trump produces all of his tax returns. Take a page right from Trump’s playbook no tax returns no debate. Biden has nothing to lose by applying the Donald Trump tactic. Trump’s abysmal handling of the Coronavirus is all voters need to know. Again today Trump is pushing states in the middle of the Pandemic to open up! Trump had a major crisis occur on his watch and he has failed, do not waste time debating unless he produces all of his tax returns. Trump has no plan no strategy to get a handle on the pandemic. America has to return to the truth. Up is up and down is down “Fake News” is anything Republicans do not want to believe. The Free Press is not the enemy of the people. Democrats, you have this election Trump has already lost it, turn up the heat “No Tax Returns No Debate”. Just turn out the vote, and if you can vote by mail which Floridians can Do It!