Beach, Fl-First it was Wells Fargo who closed their Century Village branch until a couple of weeks ago. By the way, Wells Fargo ATMs in Century Plaza  do pose a Covid-19 risk and now with the new Broward County emergency order, I hope all of their ATM clients will be wearing a mask at the twin side by side machines.

Ok onto BB&T and Bank of America. Both of the branches Century Plaza and Lock Road are closed down with no real indication of why. Anyone work there and care to contact us?  If it is related to employees with Coronavirus, maybe they should be informing their customers. We have contacted both and as of this post, they have not responded.


  1. Suddenly All our Bank of Americans are closed in our area of Boca Raton also ! What’s up ??? Drove north broward in pompano & federal, found a line of 20 + people outside yesterday around 3:30 pm, frustrated @$#!!


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