Beach, Fl-Our recent post questioning the frequency of traffic patrols in Century Village East and the rest of Deerfield Beach, we have received the information requested. As indicated by the public records produced by BSO issued 126 traffic citations in 2019 in Century Village. The public records indicate there were 32 accidents reported in Century Village during the year 2019.

As posted the other day we have been hard-pressed to find any BSO Deputies enforcing traffic laws in Century Village east recently. CVE Master Management states in the CVE Reporter they are paying for extra patrols to step up enforcement in the 8500 unit condominium complex. As we reported that would imply that there are already regular road patrols enforcing traffic which we have not seen. With the high amount of recent traffic deaths that we have covered throughout the city and county, we will be following up on traffic enforcement or the lack thereof citywide.

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