beach, Fl-Deerfield Beach our prized possession, full of shit litter and a barge and that is only on the beach. The lack of preparedness from our city fathers is obvious to a six-year-old that has walked and played and swam on our beaches. Then the questions about the water and how much bacteria from local poop pipes make it to Deerfield Beach.

How safe is the water to swim in with South Florida beaches being tainted by waste dumped into our ocean close by poop pipes? Where is the information on the testing of DeefielBeaches ocean water what exactly are we swimming in?

Our sand continues to be filled with trash and litter with cigarette butts being a tremendous problem. The fact our “Beach Rake” pulverizes whatever trash it picks up and then deposits it back into the beaches an easily resolved problem. Commissioners, Mayor buy a new F#ucking rake system stop farting around. The season is here our residents, tourists and businesses that depend on our beach deserve no less. There is no excuse for our beach to be anything less than pristine.


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