Beach, Fl-Who, what, why and when? Who thought it a good idea to destroy Deerfield Beach videos of commission meetings to save server space? What were they thinking to destroy public records? Why would they destroy videos to save server space with the cloud and as a last resort youtube would certainly be a much better option to preserve the record, while it is not the job of Google to do, they will. Our city government has to answer when they began this practice and the other aforementioned questions.

We still are waiting for our recent public records request on this subject as of today the city of Deerfield Beach has not provided our requested information.

To: Heather Montemayor <>
Cc: Samantha Gillyard <>
Subject: City destruction of videos of city commission meetings after two years

Hello Heather,

Please send me any and all records, letters, emails pertaining to the city-destroying videos of city commission meetings posted online after two years. ( including any emails of the city commsioners and mayor and  city manager Santucci or his staff on this subject)

Any notifications your office sent to city commissioners and or the city manager on this subject.

Also, send the amount of data storage that was saved by doing this and the money saved by doing this.




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