BATMASIAN PAID $17 MILLION FOR RUBNTUG PLAZA ON HILLSBORO AND MILITARY TRAIL IN DEERFIELD BEACH Beach-Updated we posted a couple of weeks back we saw Batmasians sign on the corner of Military and Hillsboro. Today we can confirm the property sold for $17 million dollars.

Controversial and politically connected James and Marta Batmasian now own Trail Plaza. The local real estate moguls have apparently just purchased Trail Plaza on Hillsboro Boulevard and Military Trail. The controversial Batmasians are a political ally of former Boca Raton Mayor Susan Haynie. In fact, her association with them is what cost her the job of Mayor. Not to be left out the Batmasians have ties to Deerfield Beach Mayor Ganz as well. Deerfield Beach residents are familiar with Batmasian shopping centers across our city and Boca as well as their apartment complex Tivoli Gardens.

Batmasian has gained a reputation as favoring “RUBNTUG” massage parlors in his shopping centers. The Batmasians have gone as far as advertising for the coveted Massage Parlors on their for rent signs.

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