Deerfield Beach, Fl-Here is a post that even Mayor Ganz should like. Now Deerfield Beach The Capital Of Storage Facilities in Broward Or Boca’s Closet. has a chance for entrepreneurs to compete directly with the big boys owned by REIT’s. So the gist of is you rent out storage space to your neighbors. What a great way for an entrepreneur to earn in today’s GIG economy, by renting out storage space to others. We are certain that as this trend continues cities like Deerfield Beach will find a way to tax it. So in addition to renting your car on or renting your pools on you can also rent storage space to folks on

“So we’re on a friendly mission: to match people’s empty space with other people’s extra stuff”.


Store your stuff with a neighbor

Find just-right storage spaces for 50% less than self storage units

List your space

I want to store my stuff
I want to store my stuff

We believe everything belongs somewhere.

So we’re on a friendly mission: to match people’s empty space with other people’s extra stuff. Every time we do, we bring people and neighborhoods closer together too.

Places you can store

Attic • $30

Garage • $45

Lot • $30

A few friendly storage spaces near Deerfield Beach

RV Boat S


Miami, Florida

Recreational RV & Boat Storage – West Miami
$350/mo • 10 x 25
Heidi R


~4 miles

Secure Attic Storage in Pompano Beach Area
$50/mo • 30 x 10
$50 first month / $100 normally
Jesse Z


Lehigh Acres

Backyard Storage Shed
$30/mo • 6 x 14
Kevin S


Miami, Florida

Friendly Bedroom Storage Space in Midtown Miami
$25/mo • 7 x 8
$25 first month / $50 normally
Eli H



Easy On The Wallet Parking Space
$45/mo • 12 x 6

One of those “wow, this should have
always existed” ideas

Renters get a friendly home for their stuff, for less.

We connect people, handle payments, and keep things neighborly.

Hosts earn money by giving their empty storage spaces a job


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