Mayor Touts Straw Free DFB- While Beach Is A Filthy Mess Of Ground Up Cigarettes And Plastic Garbage Beach,Fl-Stopping straw use may be a small step, but it is the first step in the right direction. It may not seem like a lot, but the USA uses roughly 200 million plastic straws every day (based on Technomic and Freedonia market research). That is a lot of plastic! Ask yourself, do you really need that straw? #StrawFreeDFB#ReuseOrRefuse #StopSucking #BabySteps #GotToStartSomewhere#MondaysSuck

Meanwhile, the city suffers from a lack a genuine recycling plan for our garbage. Then there is the beach tractor that pulverizes and returns to the sand shredded cigarettes and plastics. Stop playing around give our Deerfield Beach employees the right equipment to keep our beaches sand clean.






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