Beach, Fl- Air BNB plans for the Island in  Deerfield  Beach. Citizens are concerned about what the city has planned. From Facebook groups around town, as well as a reader of ours we saw the following post that raises some questions on this issue.-

As Deerfield Beach and many municipalities and cities nationwide grapple with how to and where to permit and zone AIR BNB’s in their respective cities. Deerfield Beach which has hotel and motel owners to deal with in addition to concerned citizens has decisions to make. The new GIG economy is here it is difficult to fight progress.

We have public records requests pending to get some answers as soon as those are complete we will update.

The proposed new face of Deerfield, the plan is to replace single-family homes with Airbnb’s like this. This one is a plan for 1st Street behind kilwins, there is a city council meeting on Thursday at 7 p.m. at City Hall where this developer is asking for a variance’s so he can get exceptions to the rules to build this… We need to show up and stop this, their short term profit will destroy our town and values!
From a reader-



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