Beach, Fl-In a summer that has started with heavy seaweed along our shores, the real problem is the dirty contaminated sand. Deerfield Beach our most valuable asset is not only being littered by all tourists and residents it is being further contaminated by our “BEACHGRINDER”. Give our dedicated employees the “BEST EQUIPMENT THAT DOES NOT PULVERIZE AND REDEPOSIT INTO THE SAND”.

Time the City Of Deerfield Beach invests in the most up to date non-pulverizing beach cleaner. All we are accomplishing is pulverizing discarded plastics and cigarette butts back into our sand. Anyone that has been on our beach and examined our sand knows it has a lot to be desired. Our city leaders with the spending they do on every other item to promote our beach, neglect our sand and its contents, even after pulverization as if it does not happen.

The city could and should continue with all of its beach cleanup efforts. Including involving business and citizens and tourists alike, but just giving out buckets and shovels without updating our pulverizer is never going to make a real difference in eliminating the shredded materials in our sand.