Beach, Fl-With Deerfield Beach in need of a competent City Manager, one can only wait to see how Herr. Ganz spins this. The Dictator of Deerfield now has full control folks, his “Leftenant” left town.

Remember that time Mayor Ganz gave Burgess Hanson that glowing job review verbally even though the law requires him to receive a review annually and the Mayor BullShittin Bill Ganz thought that was funny with his half ass smirk.

Remember putting your finger on the scale during the election, The Cove Hotel, Pineapple Grove, The Nautical Museum at The Chamber, Santa Claus and The Tooth Fairy?

Tonight’s commission meeting is the thing bloggers live for. Waiting to see how “BullShittingBillGanz” Deerfield Beaches dictator explains to our city why his “Leftenant” beat feet in the middle of the night.

The 180 Million dollar question is what does Burgess Know and to who is he talking to some say he is talking?

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