Beach, Fl- Please folks let us not forget that aside from the Peggy Noland brand of nepotism in Deerfield Beach. Our city has an added extra bonus of intra office affairs of the extramarital kind. So when we are selecting our next city manager let us be sure that person was not one of the many who were having sex with their co-workers and in some cases with our BSO officials.

This city is rife with corruption, lack of proper bids for our purchases, friends getting lucrative contracts, a clique that controls 95 percent of our cities business. The headlock Ganz holds on this city is not conducive for the best of our communities interests. Someone or something needs to remove this” Dangerous “Headlock Ganz “has on our city, nothing more than a bully.

Needs removing “Like A Boil From Your Ass.”

Time for a seasoned professional to run our city.L et us find the best person qualified for the career of being our city manager,


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