Beach, Fl-After a source sent us pictures of Environmental Services Director Tom Good’s Deerfield Beach vehicle at a Pembroke Pines Commission meeting. We wanted to know everyone that has a city car they get to take home .If Mr.Good gets a car allowance from Pembroke Pines we have a problem Houston. That is the “Double Dipping” we were talking about, not that .Mr.Good has two jobs.Again if Deerfield Beach pays for everything and Mr. Good gets a car allowance from Pembroke Pines something is wrong.

The following is the city of Deerfield Beach response to our records request.

City of Deerfield Beach
Fleet Management Division
Take Home Vehicle Inventory
Assigned To Title
Chris Braden Facilities Manager
David Eberlin Asst Director of Sustainable Management
Kara Petty Asst City Manager
Mike Purcell Superintendent of Parks
Burgess Hanson City Manager
Tom Good Director of Environmental Services
Priscilla Cygielnik Asst Director of Environmental Services
George Sullivan Sanitation Manager
Chad Grecsek Director of Sustainable Management
Allen Fathi Utilities Manager
Rody Rodriguez Utilities Supervisor
Patrick Autley Utilities Supervisor


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