Pissed Off Verizon Customer Enters Store With Wooden Mallet Causes Mayhem


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl- A Source has told Deerfield-News.com that a pissed off customer who was hung up on, came to the Verizon store entered with a wooden object believed to be a mallet and mayhem ensued. Our source says the customer grabbed a pen and put it to the throat of a customer who was trying to stop the incident, as well as throwing phones and coffee at the store manager and employee. The incident happened Wednesday evening at about 7 pm.

The incident occurred at the Verizon store at 3636 West Hillsboro Boulevard at Deerfield Mall.  Deerfield-News.com has contacted both Verizon who as of this post has not gotten back with us and BSO. Any information received from BSO we will update this post upon receiving.

Breaking News-Updated With BSO email Friday 5.00 Pm

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Hi Howie,


It was a disturbance and no one wanted to pursue criminal charges and a waiver of prosecution was signed. If you still need a copy of the report, let me know.


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