Beach, Fl-Not quite sure what all the fuss is and what is the beef? Apparently, if you order a Quarter Pounder no cheese you pay the same as if it came with cheese. Well, we set out to see if that is the case and it is. Seems with or without cheese the Quarter Pounder cost the same to the customer. Ok not quite sure what the case is all about other than the cost of the Quarter Pounder without cheese. For the first time in order, to compete with Wendy’s and other modern-day hamburger chains McDonald’s Quarter Pounder is fresh not frozen.


I think their argument is originally you could order a Quarter Pounder which came without cheese, at some point, McDonald’s changed that and they all come with cheese.T hat said McDonald’s position is they will gladly not put cheese on it. Just order a Quarter Pounder without cheese. At McDonald’s on Military Trail, you will be paying $4.19 with or without the cheese.


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