Cruz Says Demons Told Him Burn Kill And Destroy-Broward School Board Sues Sun-Sentinel Claiming Contempt Of Court For Publishing Redacted Report On Parkland Shooter Beach, Fl-The recent release of a redacted interview with BSO and Nikolas Cruz has created a legal issue, that is at best the counties fault. The release of redacted material that could be read when placed  into a word document. The school board is making a weak feeble attempt to hold Sun-Sentinel reporters responsible for doing their job.When the government releases documents and the media obtains them legally if the redaction can be read too bad. went through this same type of nonsense with The State of Florida Department of Health when they released the pictures of our tainted water treatment plant to us.  They claimed it was an error and asked us not to publish, which we had already done. The mistake was the governments. When the media obtain it legally they can use it, it is their duty to do so.

Some of the redacted material which the Sun-Sentinel released has been released by many media outlets at this point.

Kill me. Just f—ing kill me. F—,” Cruz said, while he was alone in the interview room but still being recorded.

“The voice didn’t tell you to take Uber, right?” Curcio asked

“Yes, it did,” Cruz replied.

Again while being interviewed police left the room and Cruz said”I want to die. At the end, you’re nothing but worthless s—, dude. You deserve to die because you’re f—ing worthless and you f—ing (unintelligible) everyone. I want to die.”


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