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Floridians Concerned About Toxic Algae After Release From Lake Okeechobee Red Tide And Our Drinking Water


Deerfield-News-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Both coasts have had severe issues with the release of polluted waters from Lake Okeechobee. The US Army Corps of Engineers district commander Colonel Jason Kirk says the release from the lake is needed to relieve pressure to the Herbert Hoover Levee. Rising water level due to record May rainfalls as well as June has put a stress on the levee.

When water is released from Lake Okeechobee the polluted water crosses Florida west to the Caloosahatchee River and east to the Saint Lucie River. From past experiences, we have learned these releases tend to cause algae blooms that stink. Last night in a meeting in Cape Coral the US Army Corps held a meeting with citizens mostly angry ones and  Mayor Joe Coviello had to call for order multiple times. Four women wore blue caps with white lettering that said: “Make Our Water Clean Again.” Others carried signs saying “Boycott Big Sugar.” Others including fishermen in attendance were handing out surgical masks.

This week in Satellite Beach questions have been raised about a cancer cluster due to the drinking water.

Deerfield Beach residents have had issues with our water treatment plant failing State of Florida inspections 36 consecutive times!

A city mayor that is in denial and hiding from “The Free Press”  water treatment plant access. What is still going on over there at Goolsby Boulevard that mayor Ganz is hiding?


The 2016 releases were detrimental to tourism and tourism-related industries like hotels, car rentals, boat charters, bait and tackle stores and more.

Locally this week Deerfield Beach Politics via Facebook had this to say about Deerfield Beach’s issues.

City of Deerfield Beach – I think its time that a sign such as the one of those below, be put on King Fisher Canal to warn people, at the very least for safety purposes. Better safe then Sorry! Mayor Ganz and his gang have had plenty of time to address the issue. How many years??

In West Palm Beach on August 25th, a Facebook group has planned a March here is the link.

This is the one.

The event to focus all our energy on.

The event to tip the scales in our favor.

The event to create the change we want to see.

We’ve all seen the unacceptable impact of the algae blooms.

We’ve been confused, sad, frustrated, and even helpless.


But we need focus.

We need direction.

On August 25th, 2018 you, me, everybody is going to March for Clean Water on Clematis street in West Palm Beach.

It will be peaceful and it will be powerful.

All the major news outlets will be there.

Timed right on the cusp of the election.

Your voice will be heard.

You will make a difference.

Mark your calendars. Saturday, August 25th.

There is nothing more important going on this day in South Florida.

Thank you for your support and please help us spread the word Erin Brockovich

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