Printing Your Own 3-D Gun Coming To a Home Near You Beach, Fl-Starting this week you will legally be able to make a 3-D printed gun. Many folks including the Brady organization are opposed to this new form of manufacturing guns as they will not be traceable. I support ou 2nd Amendment, but 3-d printing needs to be regulated and controlled to keep weapons from those who should not have them.

From The Brady Center.

On August 1st the state of our nation’s gun laws will be severely threatened by the 3D printing of firearms.

The fact that we’ve even come this far, is curious at best. For five years, the State Department’s legal team has been fighting and winning against a self described “crypto-anarchist” and his company, Defense Distributed, which has sought to make blueprints for 3D printed guns available online.

Only recently did the State Departments settle this case, completely reversing their prior position, and giving Defense Distributed everything they could have possibly wanted. While Brady’s legal team has filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to find out how and why this decision was made, the self-proclaimed “crypto-anarchist” will move forward to publish the blueprints for anyone and everyone to use. The Brady Center, along with Everytown and Giffords, is urging a Texas federal court to consider just how dangerous this could be and will be filing legal action.


  1. Anyone, anywhere can build a gun on demand with no background check or without going through a licensed gun dealer.
  2. 3D printed firearms are untraceable, making the jobs of law enforcement  much more difficult. These guns cannot be traced back to their producer or owner, making it possible to repeatedly violate gun manufacturing and sales restrictions on gun sales without fear of consequence.
  3. 3D guns are made almost completely of plastic — meaning that conventional security methods like metal detectors will be rendered ineffective.
  4. Unlimited access online to blueprints for 3D printed guns and the potential export of untraceable firearms is a threat to national and international defense and  security.
  5. 3D gun blueprints are currently considered data that is governed by International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and cannot be published without State Department authorization. The Trump Administration has proposed a new regulation to remove downloadable gun blueprints from this classification altogether, allowing anyone to post, repost, download, distribute and use 3D gun blueprints.

What can you do to stop this from becoming our new reality?

Call Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions is responsible for representing the best interests of the United States in all legal matters. Call Sessions’ office today and tell him to immediately take action and ensure that this settlement,allowing the public dissemination of information to make 3D guns, is stopped before it’s too late.

The Department of Justice Public Switchboard is 202-514-2007. Make your voice heard today!

Support Brady’s Legal Team

The Brady Center is working with other leading gun violence prevention organizations to take immediate action challenging the legality of making blueprints for 3D printed guns publicly accessible online. You can support this effort by making a donation to the Brady Center today.

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