City Of Deerfield Beach Releases Water Treatment Plant Reports And Pictures So Much For That Security Claim Threat,Heh? Beach, Fl-In the continuing saga to get all the facts and pictures and access to visit and see the water treatment plant Deerfield releases photos with the report. So I assume a visit to the plant for the media and wastewater treatment experts is next? Who knows maybe one of those folks can help you find a recycling program solution……..Not quite the additional $14.6 Million needed in repairs, but the “Rustoleum” is a nice start.

The written reports released to us are the same as we received from The State of Florida Department of Health.

Not sure why the city of Deerfield Beach has not already just done this and let the media along with experts tour our troubled water treatment plant. Where is The “Ganzparency” in this town?



“Security Threat” was never a real thing. Hiding these pictures that show we have real serious problems and who knows what else that was not released.

Remember folks they released these photos by accident and asked us not to publish them.

What does that tell you?


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