Deerfield Beach Recycling What Is Plan B ? Beach, Fl-Does or did our commissioners and Mayor have a plan B?

When the only game in town Waste Management decides to play hardball, maybe it is time to play hardball back.

What are the options?

Why does the county not run a recycling program and a landfill?

Why are we not actively promoting/courting someone else in that industry to come to Broward and make it easy for them so Waste Management has competition?

What have the other cities in South Florida been doing as their contract ran out or tipping fees went up? Are any of the other neighboring South Florida cities doing something we should be?

Recycle for life emblazoned on our city trucks, yes I know it’s for their life the animals. Certainly can not mean for the life of Deerfield Beach a city with no plan B for recycling.

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