Water Troubles In Deerfield Beach And Fort Lauderdale Activists Seek Erin Brockovich’s Help-Who Are You Going To Believe Your Lying Eyes Or The Cities Lies

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-While your Mayor and his public affairs team continue to BS you, Deerfield Beach we still have a water treatment plant in disarray.

Just take a look at the pictures the city of wanted to hide from you. These pictures if not for our public records request and continued argument to the State of Florida’s general counsel would not have been made public.  These pictures were not protected by Florida statutes or did they pose any security risk, except to those who may be drinking and bathing in this water. The city and state wanted to hide these photos from the public, why? Just look at them you do not need to be an expert to see we have some serious problems. Mayor and his team can continue to say we have no trouble, but look at the numbers they jumped from 6 million dollars in needed repairs to $14.6 Million after we started to post pictures and report the failures of our system 36 consecutive quarters.

Erin Brockovich has just posted on her Facebook about the shambles Fort Lauderdale’s water plant is in while Deerfield Beach residents are still seeking her help with ours. Why is it that the Mayor will not support citizens having a look inside with an expert present? Why is it that Mayor Ganz continues to foster lies that there is nothing wrong with our water treatment plant? What is it that citizens and an expert should not be allowed to see inside of our water treatment plant? From Erin Brockovich’s Facebook-

Not worth the paper it is printed on… a non-compliant waste of time. Looking at the past 10 years of Fort Lauderdale Water Quality Reports… I was surprised to see not only do they have a failing water system… reporting fair records are even more challenging for them. In 2012… they stopped reporting their violation of the color standard… I guess it was just to much to take.

In 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017 they exceed the safe levels for trihalomethanes in the drinking water (80 ug/L): 2013-128 ug/L, 2014-100 ug/L, 2016-83 ug/L and 2017 96 ug/L… and in 2018, we have test results showing 479 ug/L. In 2013… they reported both Stage I and Stage II Disinfection Byproduct results (only for that year) without explanation? In 2014… there was a Total Coliform Rule violation… (not so bad)… But in 2015… there was a major E coli bacteriological violation… that’s POOOOO people! Sadly… I garnered all of this from very brief… under-reported bogus documents. I can’t wait for the records request.
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Howard Levy Erin , Please do not forget Deerfield Beach we need your help too!


Erin Brockovich And then there was this nonsense… "just dump it in”… no plan, no protocol… just dump it in the drinking water… read what happened. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/…/fl-water-treatement…Manage


Scott Mathews Dan this might affect your area after all.




Boyd Corbin I gave the Ft Lauderdale city commission a piece of my mind (and yours too) during tonight’s meeting. The mayor said he would speak to me in private about it even though it was a PUBLIC MEETING! I posted my speech on my Facebook page. Thanks so much for your work Erin!




Erin Brockovich The Mayor has our contact information… the ball is in his court what he does with it…




Tom Marten Erin Brockovich Erin, please don’t wait for the city to contact you. This is too important. Please be proactive and contact the local paper. Tell them your findings and opinions. Force the city to deal with this issue. 


It’s time to take action Governor Kasich… no one else will. Voluntary programs just don’t work in a competitive environment. If you wait… they will wait… and the Ohio drinking water sources will be destroyed. As of the first week of June 2018, the state has already issued 27 alerts for Ohio beaches.


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