Pay To Play Bring 10K To Join Deerfield Beach Economic Council And Have Access To Mayor And Commission Beach, Fl- A seat at the table, access to our elected leaders?

Why not just ask for a bribe so you can influence our elected officials?

Sounds like a fair council to me where small Deerfield Beach businessmen and businesswomen would be excluded just by the cost factor.

Tell you what I think if we vote for Dan Herz we can have an actual businessman on the city commission who can help because they are an actual businessperson.


Why Join-We are offering you a “seat at the table” where ideas and solutions are formed that will
shape the economic future of Deerfield Beach.
Economic Development is a community effort. It shows how serious the community leaders
are about their economic viability.
BECOME A FOUNDER! Join the growing list of top Deerfield Beach companies, and invest in
the Deerfield Beach Economic Development Council (DBEDC), a newly formed, not-for-profit
corporation that is truly community based. The financial support and investment from local
businesses and civic leaders is critical to its success. In addition to supporting the operations
of the DBEDC, your investment will send a strong message to companies looking to relocate
to Deerfield Beach that the local businesses are thriving and excited about what their city has
to offer. We invite you to be a founding member and take part in the economic future of
Deerfield Beach.

All the taxes and fees this city collects and you want to fee up to 10k for local businesses to pay to play to join your economic development council. You folks are out of your minds. Using buzzwords like “Community Based” seems the DBEDC is forming some kind of pay to play committee and trying to raise money to have influence over city hall.

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