Deathtrain I Mean Brightline Kills Sixth Person Beach, Fl-  A man was killed yesterday in Boynton Beach, not at the crossing nonetheless it is the 6th death caused by a Brightline train. The Boynton Beach Police have not released the victims’ name, the incident occurred just south of Woolbright.

I have been searching the internet to see if any other train has killed so many on the tracks as Brightline. I have not found any train line anywhere that seems to have a safety record like Brightline killing 6 non-passengers in less than a year. Now I understand nobody should try to beat the train I also understand that one death may have been a suicide. That said there is something inherently wrong with Brightline that it has had this many issues in such a short period of time.

Federal investigators need to be examining the timing sequence and the gates and Brightline in general something is amiss.

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