Deerfield Beach Politicians Connected To Radioactive Boca- Batmasians Beach, Fl-Boca Raton Mayor Susan Haynie removed from office by Governor for doing illegal things with and for the Batmasians who is paying attention to what is happening and happened in Deerfield Beach? As we reported earlier this week Deerfield Beach Politics has gotten Channel 10 and Bob Norman to begin taking an in-depth look at the Deerfield Beach Mayor and city Commissioners connections to the Batmasians and corruption. You do not need to go far and find the same type of shenanigans Mayor Haynie was arrested for going on here in Deerfield Beach.

What kind of city allows landlords to post signs seeking “Massage Parlors”? Those who have done any homework know Mr. Batmasians reputation supposedly and or his MO of seeking Massage parlors so he can “trade” services they offer for the rent.

Where is the code enforcement on that? Who is intentionally encouraging Batmasian to continue to get away with things no other Deerfield Beach property owner does.

Why would the city do this? Oh, I forgot to follow the money.

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