Beach, Fl- As a result of a Facebook Groups page persistence “Deerfield Beach Politics” is garnering media attention on corruption at Deerfield Beach city hall. Tuesday nights Deerfield Beach Commision meeting had a special group of visitors Channel 10 investigative reporter Bob Norman and crew from TV 10 WPLG.

Deerfield Beach has a Batmasian connection, that is for sure.

From “Deerfield Beach Politics” Facebook page-


Dear Residents,

As you know, Deerfield Beach Politics has become an Internet Site that is now being read throughout Broward County and beyond. This site is not only being read by other residents from other Cities but also by many newspaper officials and reporters including your own Anne Geggis of The Sun Sentinel

At last nights Commission Meeting, because of what was discovered on this site, Mr. Bob Norman the Investigative Reporter from Channel 10 News arrived with his camera crew, and it was not pretty!

Both Bill Ganz and Todd Drosky were caught with their pants down and grilled about their alleged conflict of interest in their dealings with James Batsmasian and Investments Limited.

Based on the responses that they gave during the interview , the only conclusion that was reported from those in attendance is that both Bill Ganz and Todd Drosky immediately resign their positions on the City Commission or get themselves a good attorney!

Based on what was observed during last nights spectacle that should be televised, a formal complaint will be filed with the Florida Bar Asso in order to have Commissioner Todd Drosky formally sanctioned with the risk of possibly losing his license to practice law and a formal complaint will be submitted to the Office of the Attorney General, The Ethics Commission as well as The State Attorney in order to have both Bill Ganz and Todd Drosky investigated which may result in criminal prosecution.

For those of you that continue to stick their heads in the sand concerning what is going on in this City, I can assure you that you are all about to get a rude awakening!

This will be the third time in 18 Months that Bill Ganz and the alleged corruption, nepotism and outright lies of this administration will possibly be featured on television for the rest of the Country to see!

The only difference is that this time, there will be consequences!


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