Beach, Fl-Sean Simpson was using Deerfield Beaches public restroom when he finished his business his sink did not work. So he went to use a different sink leaving his Glock handgun in the men’s room stall and then exited the bathroom.  He then heard a gunshot ran back into the restroom and snatched his Glock from another male identified as Joseph Spataro.’s hands.

Simpson is an MSD High School teacher. Simpson volunteered to be armed at school even though the Broward County school board has voted down that idea.

BSO arrived on the scene shortly thereafter. The following are the charges both men are facing. BSO did find the casing and bullet both were taken into evidence.

Simpson was charged with violating the  safe storage of firearms Florida’s statute 790.174. Due t the fact it was left in a public restroom on a public beach,the likelihood a child could have found it and that a person discharged it and could have injured a third innocent party. Simpson did have a valid concealed weapons permit.

Spataro was charged with violation of Florida statute 790.15 discharge of a firearm. he also was charged with violating statute 810.08- trespassing as he had been warned several times previously about being in or near the piers mens room.





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