Beach, Fl-As federal Agents shut down and took control of the, an online classified ad website. became the successor to’s deletion of these type of ads when Craigslist .org came under public pressure a few years back. The controversial website has been under investigation for years, federal authorities claim that the site facilitates sex trafficking on their adult ads page. The FBI confirmed Friday that agents also raided the Sedona home of Michael Lacey, the founder of

Deerfield Beach guys no worries just Google “Massage Parlors” and see what pops up in Deerefield Beach. Your Commissioners and Mayor have allowed these types of shops that peddle sex proliferate throughout our city. Aside from the fact that many of these massage parlors do not perform true therapeutic massages, they are also involved in human sex trafficking and other crimes forget the sex.

Deerfield Beach has gone as far as to ignore the facts that some favored landlords seek these type of tenants, for example, the Batmasians. The Batmasians who are Boca’s largest private landowners also have tons of property here in Deerfield Beach and are contributors to most of our politicians.


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