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No Fee For Fire Rescue Removal Of 21 Year Old From Roof and Go Pro Camera In Century Village


Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-In response to a few questions about any fees for the services provided to safely remove a 21-year-old videographer and his Go-Pro camera from the roof, BSO Chief Kane says no fee.


  Re: Ambulance Transport Fees and other BSO Fire Rescue fees
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Our current fee schedule includes charges for patient transports only. Service calls like the type you are referring to are paid for by fire assessment and/or ad valorem taxes.

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Dear Chief Kane,
As a result of the call in Century Village this week where Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue sent a ladder truck to get the videographer who threw his camera onto the roof.
Several readers have inquired as to what fees the public pays on a 9-11 call for services if any from BSO Fire Rescue?
Howie Levy