Do Not Underestimate Todays Students-Nationwide High Schoolers Walk-Out Protesting Gun Violence Beach, Fl-To those pundits who say “They Are Kids” ok but on a mission. Underestimate these kids at your peril NRA.

Emma Gonzalez 1.23 million Twitter followers and growing “March For Our Lives” set for March 24th these kids are doing it!

From DBHS-Our love and support for our sister school

I have seen the onslaught of NRA ads on TV, Radio and the Internet. For those of you who want to see the NRA click on their online ads make them pay for your eyeballs.

They are using pay per click advertising like never before because they are worried for the first time ever in their existence.

Parklands tragic shooting has motivated the students there and nationwide. To those that are sick enough to believe Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg and classmates are Crisis Actors, you are just sick.These students are the future and our leaders have failed them. They are true Americans exercising their “Constitutional Rights” to seek redress from their government. You may not like their position on the Second Amendment, but they would die for your Second Amendment rights, why not support their First Amendment rights.

I was there last month and this month several days their trauma is real, their pain is real, their passion is real, their persistence is real.

You know the NRA has never been challenged by the likes of this grassroots movement. No one is coming to take your guns, “Liberal Democrats” own guns too, that is NRA BS. Now may be time to have stricter laws about who what and when someone can buy guns.  Gun Restraining orders do not deny” Due Process” to the contrary while for a short period of time-based on Ex-Parte pleadings a Judge should and could remove weapons from those deemed dangerous. Those accused of being unstable or mentally ill will get their day in court rapidly and if the court finds they should, in fact, have guns they get their guns back. Any weapon owner including law enforcement officers who have guns and ammunition, they are taken when a “Temporary Restraining Order” is issued against them. A “Gun Restraining Order” is the same thing for a different circumstance that will allow law enforcement with a court order to take weapons and ammunition until a hearing is held.

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