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Brockovich Sending Help-Even Former EPA Inspectors Say Beware Of Your Tap Water Who Are You Going To Believe Him And The Photos Or Mayor Ganz Who Lied About Not Being At Jean Robbs Funeral


Remember this is the “BS Mayor Ganz” had the audacity to email when we all know why he did not attend Jean Robb’s funeral, he did not want to.

Mayor’s funeral
Bill Ganz <[email protected]> (Add as Preferred Sender)  
Date: Thu, Jun 29, 2017 8:48 am
To: Howard Levy <[email protected]>

Mr. Levy,

It has been brought to my attention that you posted something on a site regarding my absence at Mayor Robb’s service.

For your information, I was out of town on a pre-planned trip from Thursday night through Sunday. I was without both phone and Internet service from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. My absence was not out of disrespect but due to a previous commitment.

Bill Ganz
Mayor of Deerfield Beach

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Here is the propaganda that your city of Deerfield Beach Mayor and “His Henchwoman” Rebecca Medina put out to The Pelican Newspaper.

No fact-checking by The Pelican newspaper no effort to contact me or Mssrs.Jolivet, Hines or Grassi


Folks we failed our testing 36 consecutive times “FACT”, Erin Brockovich and her organization have put Deerfield Beach on their list. Our water treatment plant was neglected.The testing of our water and whom and how are all apparent problems countrywide, in over 5000 plants.

Folks the only reason we have the photos we do is the State of Florida’s Department of health’s PIO made a mistake and sent me them. The State of Florida in conjunction with the City of Deerfield Beach, yes I have evidence of the communications they did not want you to see them. They wanted to invoke  Florida statute 119 and it’s exemption for security reasons. How about the public has a right to know and transparency that is what statute 119 is about “Florida’s Broad Public Record Laws”. Security of the safety of the public I think the safety of our water is paramount, there is no security threat allowing citizens to see their water plant.

CNN just interviewed Robert Morrissey a lifetime EPA water inspector who clearly stated he only drinks water filtered at home or bottled/filtered water. That said it is Deerfield Beach’s plant we are worried about and the lack of transparency. Why did we fail 36 times and no one has been fired? Why do we have a city manager and assistants that get paid “Hundreds of Thousands” per year!?


Oh, I forgot about the sexual harassment by management of employees, payoffs/kickbacks from contractors, nepotism, not allowing voters to vote on the “39 Million Dollar Bond and did I mention sexual affairs apparently going on between management and other public servants from BSO.

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-CNN today with “Breaking News” about how unsafe America’s drinking water is. As we have been reporting since we received the pictures from The State of Florida Department of Health, who is the inspecting agency for Deerfield Beach, while they maintain “friendships”, apparently the same goes for the EPA and the water systems managers they work with. So folks seems the media and activists like Erin Brockovich are really our best hope.

Deerfield -News.com reiterates we have failed our inspections 36 consecutive times, we still have deficiencies and our Mayor cannot refute that. Anything Mayor Ganz says about our reporting on Deerfield Beach’s water system having severe issues is false, we have them! Anything our Director of Public Affairs Rebecca Medina says or insinuates that we are “Fake News” is False and she is the liar. Yes as Medina states in a vague email to me when I first inquired before I received the photos, we were not in Federal Violation the date of her email, but prior we were for 36 consecutive tests by the State of Florida, fact.

Deerfield-News.com is still having the documentation received from the State of Florida Department of Health reviewed by our experts and certainly, we will have more to report.The mayor’s assertion that we have no problems with our water treatment plant is not factual!

The same as his email above about not being available by any form of communication for Mayor Robb’s funeral. Mayor, you are a liar and a bully!