DWC and DDH-Driving While Canadian and Driving Down Hillsboro In Deerfield Beach

 Photo William Broadway

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Continuing with our DWO- Driving While Old and DWT- “Driving While Texting”, today we add two more categories.

Driving While Canadian- yeah I know it should be “Driving Behind A Canadian” but you get the point. We love our northern neighbors but their driving and in particular, turning skills leave something to be desired.  Driving behind them can seem like an eternity, especially if they have a Prius. Why is it they turn and then brake when there is nothing in front of them, just saying. I have been to Canada they do not drive like this there?

Driving Down Hillsboro-this has become “Hellsboro” when the construction first started DOT  said it would only add an additional 3 seconds to your daily commute.

Really 3 seconds when the project is complete what about during the duration of the project, you think we believe this nonsense?

Happy Friday, Happy Trails just get used to being on them and in construction and traffic a bit longer……..

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