Hump Day In Deerfield- “Deerfield Beach Employee” Says Deerfield Rife With Kickbacks And Payoffs – Deerfield Beach BSO Captain And Deerfield Beach Vice City Manager Having An Affair Beach, Fl-We have a Sheriff embroiled in controversy as a result of the actions or inactions of Deputies in the tragedy in Parkland on Valentines Day.

In a county plagued by controversy at our Sheriff’s Department as a result of what did or did not happen as a result of a “BSO District Captains” orders.

Deerfield Beach may be facing its own Captain scandal.

On February 26 the below post was made to “Deerfield Beach Politics” group on Facebook.

This may require both the State Attorney to investigate along with BSO Internal Affairs.

Deerfield cannot verify the identity of the poster or if they are in fact a Deerfield Beach employee as they allude to. We can only try and verify from the accused’s employers what are public records and see where that leads.


We have an allegation by a supposed city employee  ( has not confirmed that) that our Vice City Manager and our District BSO Commander are having an extramarital affair.

The same “employee” also alleges our city is rife with corruption and payoffs, which we are following up on as well. The abuse of city employees utilizing “Private Investigators” to spy on and to get even with those they do not like.

Deerfield Beach which has been plagued by issues with employees including sexual harassment of city employees by management.

A supervisor at  Deerfield Beach’s pier allegedly attacking a coworker and touching her inappropriately.  This employee still being paid his full salary by the city of Deerfield Beach.

Coaches being hired by the city with criminal records who apparently gave a minor controlled a substance which led to severe illness and a lawsuit.

Nepotism which is rampant among present city employees who are relatives of elected officials past and present.

An electrical company hired by then fired by the city and sued by the city.The contractor who alleges they had to pay off city inspectors in order to remain in favor, something stinks in that case. Who is checking on the new electrical company to make sure the payoffs are not continuing? has another Facebook post on the same Headlined subject- Donna defronzo says:

The affair is know by all staff, she acknowledges it with people she trusts. You should see now that there’s a new young cute police officer at the commission meetings, Kara gets out of the meeting to make sure the chief is not hitting on her outside in the dark. They say they were making out when they all stayed at the moc during the hurricane. has contacted both the City of Deerfield Beach and The Broward Sheriff’s Office for public records and any statements or comments.

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Hi Joy,
I have to ask, I know it is not popular any comment or statement?  I need to follow up on this and any public information available including the Captains employee file.
Also, any info from BSO  about beginning road patrols in Century Village East as they apparently have completed their road sign installation for compliance in order to have patrols begin.’
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Subject: Public Records Request Captain Schnakenberg and statement
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Date: Wed, February 28, 2018 6:39 am
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Hello Media Relations,
Please forward any and all public records available about Captain Schnakenberg. Also, does he or any PIO have a comment/statement to make about the accusations posted on Deerfield Beach Politics below?
Does BSO have any policy about affairs carried on by married officers?
Also would appreciate any help on Public record request for information about BSO beginning road patrols in Century Village East.
Howie Levy
From DeerfieldPolitics Facebook-
This is a comment that came from one of the readers with regard to the article written on Cronyism on Deerfield Beach Politics wordpress.
John Donahue wrote:
you do notice Burgess can’t speak properly to save his life right? It’s an internal joke between us managers the da da da da da uhhh uuhhhhh what??? I still remember the previous hurricane when he was instructing the police chief to arrest people he saw at the pier, and how had to be reminded that his directive was illegal. He turned red and couldn’t finish talking
Here is some homework for you dear blogger:
– Love Affair between Kara Petty and shnack, ask Kara’s husband, the firefighter with the non-working hose.
– Kickbacks Burgess and his friends get from CGA (check how much the contract has been raised)
– Kickbacks from other vendors they use regardless of how unreasonable their price is, so much for an assistant city mgr/purchasing director
– the fact Burgess has 2 of his beloved friends as his assistant city managers but they are still directing parks and purchasing even if those departments already have new directors (AHEM KICKBACKS)
– did you know before Ganz became mayor, Burgess and Ganz would have dinner together at each other’s houses, and go on pleasure trips together? Ganz keeps visiting Hanson’s place in Wellington to talk “work” and count the money
– A member of the IT Dept. they use to spy on people they are planning to get rid off, including previous city manager, guess which one? yes, the one before Burgess became city manager. How do you think Dabrusco got away from the harassing charges at the pier?
– The use of private investigators to walk around employees houses and look through their windows at the tax payer expense, just because city hall no longer likes them.
– Hanson’s secretary made HR director? who confessed having sex with Burgess to an employee she eventually fired. She has an Alcohol problem and she spills the beans when she talks, and admits to being a bully and taking advantage of her position, advising young employees not to have children.
– Has anyone done background checks on dear vendors that are pretty much a one-man-band/company? So many surprises, felonies and child porn cases (also some firefighters that were allowed to retire when fire was part of the city)
I could go on and on, but will come back later when I’m less busy.

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