Deerfield Beach Water Problems Continue Customer Reporting Brown Water Coming From Tap-Send Us Your Dirty Deerfield Water Pictures beach, Fl-While Deerfield is continuing to review with our expert all  of the documents received in our latest Public Records Request from Florida. Deerfield Beach appears to have other issues a customer brought to our attention. Water brown dirty water is coming from the tap which according to city officials is ok. Just some rusty pipes is what the official told the customer. The Deerfield  Beach customer is a business and asked to remain off the record. We can say the customer is located in Century Plaza at Military and Hillsboro.

Should you or anyone you know be experiencing this problem please feel free to send us a picture at DeerfieldDirty

The city of Deerfield Beach has failed to comply with the state of Florida Department of Health inspections of its water treatment plant 36 consecutive months.

The city of Deerfield Beach very slow to comply with all of the deficiencies that they have been cited for.Deerfield beach has not fired its City manager or the head of our water department. Mayor Bill Ganz, in fact, has minimized the water treatment plant problem so much he forgets to have Ms.Medina tell you about the $14.6 million we now have to spend to make the needed repairs.

Now with brown dirty water coming out of the tap even our drinking water is not transparent, like our Mayor.

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